How long is shipping time?

I ship out twice a week. Typically Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. After shipping it takes 3 - 5 business days as I use USPS to mail out my packages. You will receive an email with a tracking number.


Can you draw me_________ on my thank you card?

Yes! Just leave it in the note section.


How do blind bags for buttons, stickers and prints work? Can I request a specific character?

My blind bags are a combination of items I no longer sell, or have been damaged in some way shape or form that I can not charge full price for them, but are still able to be used for the purpose in which they are intended for. No, sorry all my blind bags are pre packaged and random. 

Can you make a Tiktok packaging my order?

Yes! Just leave it in the note section with your username if you’d like to be tagged.


Can you send me something for free? I love your stuff but have no money.

No. This is my full time job and my prices are very Reasonably priced. Meaning I do not make much profit off of my items.